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Saturday eve.

Hi ya! Mesquabie:

Your letter came thru in good time, as I received it before heading for work, for it is then that I collect the various statements and all. Can't seem to understand how you could get so excited and lonesome over a small town Bohunk. I thought your mother told you there would be days when smoothies came along with sweet words to turn a young maiden's ear. At least, it was nice to get your message; but I suppose you'd be in the red upon your return and not before you started.

Tonight is nigger's night, and here I sit slamming some words together and nothing else much to do. I must take this missile to the Post Office, so there is still chance for me to get in trouble later on. Perhaps it is better that I retire at a reasonable hour, so that I can arise early, pack up the hound dogs, and head for a squirrel timber. It's always a two to one shot that the squirrels will never get me, as I take not only two dogs but a fowling piece.

I rather imagine that it won't be long before I go to the capital city to get my Jap-hunting license. Hope there is no limit on the number of pelts, as I never did believe in wasting ammunition altho your bonds will pay for it. I haven't the slightest idea whether or not I get a furlow following enlistment or not. Sincerely wish I do as it takes some time to clean up some matters at the office, move the household goods and perhaps get to the windy city to see how the other half (civilized) lives.

You might let me know just when you'll be home again so I can scare up some carfare, if time permits, and see that 5400 abode of yours. Bet I wouldn't trade it for mine with new curtains thrown in. Should I wear some cow chips on my shoes and comb straw into my hair? Your roomie will probably be falling over with laughter at the Mills girl for entertaining such a hick. I figured to bring along some mentholatum for the back of my neck and sun burn lotion for my adams apple, just in case the tall buildings catch my eye. The water is boiling so I must hang up and remove the silt from my pan. Hope your trip is eventful and I say beware of any Texas cowpunchers. (a cowpuncher is a kind of bull). Sorry I can't be with you tonight, so I'll just wish you pleasant dreams.

As ever


Do you know the difference between a snake and a goose? No! -- well a snake is an asp in the grass and a goose is a grasp in the a _ _.

And again --

Oh yes -- why is a pretty girl's pants like ten Jap planes? -- One yank and they are down.

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