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Monday nite

Dear Genevieve:

It's just the Salt Creek Bohunk cluttering up the correspondence lanes again. Can't figure out why I'm writing so much altho my penmanship can be improved upon. Anyway it is cool here now and I am sitting at the kitchen table composing this missile, while the stove is smoking merrily and doing what it can to warm up body and sole. Haven't written to any woman as often since the time I was short of folding currency and wrote every day for three weeks to ma for aid before I discovered I had the wrong address

Winter left its first calling card Sat nite in the form of a frost that do very little damage. Nevertheless, it has brought on added coal orders, while I seem to be getting farther behind with deliveries each day.

Heard a parlor ditty that might popularize you at the proper gathering which is related thusly. A woman on the outlying district of town did not have access to a sewer disposal, so had to resort to outdoor deposits. The prevailing building had outlived its usefullness and was badly in need of replacement. Scanning thru the catalogue, she came upon a structure of modern design that appealed to her. She promptly ordered the same and soon it came by rail. It was shipped K. O. so she hired a carpenter who soon erected the toilet in a very neat and workmanlike manner. About a week later, she wrote to Monkey Ward Co that the structure was not to her satisfaction and would send it back. The good lady received an immediate reply that the privy was constructed and designed according to specification and principles derived at after many years of research. Also because of so many satisfied customers, they asked that she keep it some time longer knowing it would eventually please.

The fair damsel did as requested and then one day wrote that she was finally returning the classy two-holer. The following day a representative of the company knocked at her door and told her the purpose of his call. She attempted to tell him of her difficulty, but he stated that he was an expert at this art having been in the business for some fifty years. Also assuring her that any trouble would be remedied. They went the rear of the lot and the old fellow proceeded to inspect the outside. The dirt was O. K. as was the outside, even the heighth from the door at the bottom to the moon, which hung suspended thereon for purposes of light and ventilation. Puzzled he went within while the lady stood at the open door watching & hoping for the better. He looked about the inside, finding nothing but what was correct and in order. Finally as a last resort, he stooped over to look down into the hole and discovered nothing amiss. As he straightened up, however, his whiskers caught in a crack in the seat and in doing so he pulled out a handfull. The lady chuckled to herself as she asked, "Disgusting! isn't it?"

Went squirrel hunting twice yesterday and had some success in the morning as the gang bagged seven. Also were amuzed by a dog fight as Joe rolled down a bluff in an attempt to separate the mutts. In the P. M. I saw squirrels on the ground and ran them until I thought I'd need a roller skate under my tailpiece e to keep it from dragging. One cripple got away in a den tree and another died in a nest which is much to my dislike. Found some goats beard mushrooms, however, which did not taste bad cooked with eggs and bacon.

Well, honey child, the free beans are getting closer every day, and it's imperative that I know what day you return to the windy city. You should have some rest before I barge in, if you are not particular about your callers.

Have enclosed some pics which may appeal to your sense of humor. At least I have a better idea of what I to look forward for. Hope the letter helps some and I'll be looking for a return. May wire you Friday as I feel as if the S are going to get a lot of bad news that day -- namely me. Stay between the posts and hurry home.

As always,
Chic "Holly" Sale.

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