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Sat. nite.

Hello Horsey:

Hope the canter thru the cactus caused no casualties such as -- our know. Shouldn't be tough if one could time one's vibrations to conform to those of the ungracious nag. Never thought an acquaintance of yours truly would ever stoop to such a form of exercise -- namely sitting down for a few miles and then standing up for a few days.

Seems as if the Japs are about due for some mighty disgunting news and pronto. They've perhaps met up with a lot of white men, but never a Bohemie. passed the test with very little trouble, except that my anatomy was exposed and carefully prodded and scrutinized. Depart for San Diego the sixteenth of October, and the boy told me it would take about 52 hrs. of riding to reach the barracks. My sister informs me that Tyrone power is now a marine and in training. And I thought the Marines were a man's fighting force.

Stopped at Tama and saw the folks, and of course, J. D. was listening to the ball game. Stayed at Bess' for supper and took the bus home.

It snowed enough to cover the ground and then rained, causing a sudden change in degrees and finding me with a fire that is tending to cause some comfort in remaining at home. Will admit, however, that it is lonely without some feminine prattle. Yes, sweetlips, I only work about a week longer and then do some visiting

Oh! Yes
Lucky Me.

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