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The next day

Dear Gene:

It seems as though I'm in a pickle again, and all because I was enticed by a rather attractive female into the act of visiting the city. Told the boys around here this morning that I was married during my sojourn, which brought on a few disparing remarks in reference to my mental standing. And to think that I should suffer all this derision for the sake of yourself and Donna Jean.

I rather suppose that Gert was indeed astounded at your sudden and surprising act of committing matrimony. Rather wish that you would bring the affadavits along when you come home this weekend, honey, or aren't you to be with us this Sat.?

Got to work this morning at 8:30 and nothing at all was said to me. Hope that your eyes weren't as nearly closed as mine. Now that I think it over, I had a very enjoyable visit thanks of course to your southern hospitality. Must close with much love and kisses for both you and Donna Jean

The old man,

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