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Saturday nite

Hello Genie:

Here it is niggers' nite in the old bunk house, with yours truly in the confines fer the evening in the most excellent of spirits. I actually love E range today for a number of reasons, all of them being the rifle. We shot live ammunition for the first time and I wish to say the tedious hours spent snapping paid forth with handsome dividends. I only wished I had practised harder than I did after today. Dear, I can't begin to describe how full a sense of pride the Marine feels after firing and mastering his little bunkhouse sweetheart. In prone position, where we sought to find true zero of our rifles, I had to shoot five times. Four of them were in the bulls eye from 200 yds range. The other was in the four ring close in. In kneeling we shoot 8 rounds rapid fire. Five of 8 shots went into the bull and 3 in the four ring. The bulls count five so I made a 61 score from a possible 65. If I could only do that on record day I should be accomplishing something. Have to try and improve further and be careful of getting careless. Then too, I could stand the extra dough and keep the medals to show my grandchildren. Conceited says Genie to herself.

This afternoon was spent in leisure and doing laundry. I did my own and took on another monkey's for 50. Got gipped for I used nearly 5 worth of soap, 45 fer elbow grease and was out the wear and tear on the brush. His fatigue pants and towel were filthy. Then later we went over to the rear of the butts and found some slugs from the 30 line. How'd you like to have a brass I shot and perhaps a slug to polish. Have to send one home for Bill to make a watch charm from. The slugs have made large holes in the banks where so many shots have hit.

This morning there were 100 shooting at the 100 targets. There were 8 or 9 relays -- meaning 900 men that each shot at least 13 rounds each movement in the morning. Have to oil our rifle at night and dry it in the morning. It's one hell of a job to polish shoes as rough as suede. I've used nearly a box of wax and they still look like heck.

I do get time to reminice (?) during the time we stand in line at chow. Honey, I can't figure out how things in life come out as they do. There are a number of things I surely wish I could figure out -- for instance some of the foolish things I did and the penalty I paid for it all. How did we ever get separated when we always got along so well? I was fortunate in one respect at least -- your calling me on that Sat P. M. Mills, you may never know how my heart seemed to cut off my wind and that is no fooling. I thought it would be better to go war with no strings attached, but I find it helps to have word from someone who at least cares.

Just received our mess kit today. Orders were to scrub them out with sand which is plentiful here and water. They are made of aluminum and it was necessary to clean them to prevent mess-kit shits, which we were given to understand is an advanced case of diarrhea.

The bag will certainly come in handy when we go to move for will have to put all our small stuff in the sea-bag and that is one h_ _ _ of a mess -- truly.

Haven't heard from home yet as they must have sent the mail out by regular route. Did I tell you Walt enlisted in the V-7 naval program and goes to Annapolis after finishing school? The boy really has made good.

Must close now and head for mess hall. Don't forget to take all your pills and packs and keep the cough away. Ask Gert if mentholatum is good for a lubricant.


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