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Monday afternoon.

Dear Gene:

I rather suppose at this writing that you have distinguished guests from home. Should like to see Cec again after all that experience of living close to nature. I've decided that nothing is so bad if you have a woman around even though twin beds are a welcome thing at times. You know, dear, I wonder why my feeble mind is slowly becoming warped -- or is it. Any such results will be charged to normal reaction to army life.

The Corporal told us we are to head for the rifle range next Saturday, where we remain for a period of two weeks or so. There we learn to fire the Garand and adjust sights. The address however, is the same, altho the there are a number of range camps. I had to police huts this morning as the assistant took the boys out for drill. Talked to the corporal in charge for a quite a while. He has been in 7 years and sure hates this detail. Consequently drill isn't what it should be and we are sliding through easily.

Gene, lots of things are recalled when time is heavy or passes as it does here. I can distinctly recollect the first fib I told you. Lloyd said you had aversion to associating with males younger than yourself. My birth certificate surely would have made me a prevaricator that day. And to think you could go for a guy just cause he didn't make any passes at you. If only I could take some of those kisses now for that was the feast and now I'm experiencing the famine.

After being here for some time, I still get a thrill when the mail comes in. The corporal throws it out as we fall in to head for chow. That air mail letter really looks good to yours truly more than I can express. Have gotten two letters from Mom now and was surprised to hear about three deaths back there. She wonders why I don't say more about my work, but what can I say about such a business?

You and I have things in common in one respect -- that being scrubbing, cleaning, etc. Would Don like to be there to help do all those menial tasks, with the thought of a reward in mind of course. Don't believe I'll ever make a good maid as I possess football knees that won't stand the gaff.

Your intuition is on the beam OK, for I am running out of paper along with other things. We haven't been to PX for a while and may not get there for a while. My tobacco is getting low and I'd like to get a pipe of my own. You should see the clothes hangers we improvise from wire and boards. Rather crude but satisfactory.

Tomorrow is a day of inspection and that means clean up. Our rifles have to be in top shape as does our uniform. Have inspection of arms for the first time. These damn rough shoes are tough to shine and we are nearly out of polish. But why do I bother you with these petty troubles when you probably have some of your own.

Better sign off and get to work. May the Gods be kind to the Mill's girl for efforts in keeping up a Marine's moral, Better get that ankle well before I get back as you'll have no excuse when I beat you bowling. Signing off and my love,

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