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Dear Gene:

Here goes the correspondence again. I have about ten minutes or so to kill and I'd prefer to spend it writing to you. Seems odd that I have received no mail from home as yet. Would like to hear how Mom's leg is progressing. She has always worked so hard it is difficult to keep her down.

I never knew how difficult it was to clean an aluminum mess kit. We cleaned then with sand and soap and I failed to dry mine thoroughly. To my utter disgust, I discovered it was black this morning and had to do it all over again. Plenty of boys in sick bay with stomach trouble from mess kits. 600 had such call

Had some rain this morning and drilled thru some of it. Then we had to clean rifles after hitting our huts. The sun has come out again so we can pound the parade ground again. Every morning we see the Marine band and are they snappy. We must stand at attention as they play the "Star Spangled Banner" at flag raising. Before and after they march to the strains of the Marine song.

Please send no books or magazines, dear, as we are not allowed to read newspapers, or anything other matter. You can perhaps understand from some of the don'ts I tell you of in just what manner our life is really curtailed. I don't mind it as long as we win this damn thing and can come home to liberties and all we enjoyed before.

I'm sure you would like the countryside here. The homes of San Diego stand back along the hillsides in white and yellow color and modernistic in appearance. Horizontal windows and of low rambling design with patios and all. The base here is camouflaged (?) in color even to the buildings and all. There are green splotches representing foliage on sides and roofs.

Your hunch was correct in not betting on any nag named Holly or anything else by that name. I am strictly a long shot and a slow finisher. You could lose your shirt staking too much on such a name, but not if i can help it. I might be O. K. to take on a fishing trip or hunting expedition at that.

Damn it, Sox, the longer I'm away from something the more I miss it. I guess you don't appreciate some things until they are taken from you. You realize how it is too for a new toy becomes tiresome eventually. Can't seem to figure it all out. You know that you'd surely be smothered with kisses if I could get you in my arms. For some reason, you've always been easy on my nerves -- if you can guess what I mean.

Another interruption -- namely that shoe inspection. Now we have to go to take out insurance. Think I'll take out the limit of 10 G's so my hide will really be of some value. That costs me 72 per G at my advanced age.

I do hate to think of packing tomorrow. The sea bag is not to large and we most assuredly to accumulate odds and ends that take up space and add to the weight. When you know we have to carry all our belongings in one bag, you might know it takes a magician to pack it, and a Missouri mule to cart it.

Honey, I'd better say so long and get this in the mail as we have to high-tail it soon.

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