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Thursday nite

Hi ya! Genie:

1942-11-12bWith the light grey hair. First of all to waylay your suspicions I shall answer a couple for you. First -- we did not go to any ball or anything else. We boots are damned lucky if we get to go to bed and stay there. And by the way this bunk is beginning to feel pretty comforting at night.

Oh! yes, the second answer refering to the new toy or old toy class. I classify you in neither but rather in the old standby class which is considerably more valuable to a boot. Really it has been some time ago that we first met. You know women remember all the details of the event, but it apparently slips the minds of the gents. Can't understand with such a simple mind as my own how or why you never fell for some other monkey that possessed some shekels. But someone's loss this time happens to be my gain.

Got a letter from Mom saying she received word from you but had no address. I shall promptly send it to her soon. A letter from my best gal and Mom in one call is something to make one happy. By way of news from home, George went to Des Moines for an exam this week. He and Walt were called at the same time, though Walt is a navy V-7 reserve. If George makes it in spite of his rupture, there will soon be one of mom's kids in the Marines, Navy, and Army. Note the list as given in rank of importance.

Am sending along a target from some practice on the 22 cal. range. These are out about 25 yds or there abouts. Also today we shot the 22 cal. pistols for record. I qualified or either made marksman for I had 16 bulls and a good no of 9's (9 ring next to bull) from 50 shots. Had pistol practise two days before the record shot, and shot about 160 rounds or about 3 or more boxes of cartridges each. No small wonder the civilians cannot buy 22 cal. bullets.

If you notice, dear, I have discontinued my griping in this letter as I will continue to do in the future. So after this if they damned near kill us (in our opinion) you shall not know about it. Decided people have plenty of trouble of their own with knowing of mine, which I should be able to swallow.

Gene, you must be working overtime on this service and defense aid. More power to you, sweet, and if more people did likewise this war would be won sooner.

Can't see why you should scrap old pic's and start a Marine Gallery? You'd really cackle if you saw your shave tail now, only it wouldn't show in the dark. All my love, kisses, and good night to you --- Don.

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