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Thursday nite

Hello Sweetlips:

For once the chow was good and yours truly went back after a second. The menu consisted of yams, roast pork, and corn. It tasted better than anything I have had here till yet. The muscles, cords, and bones are beginning to loosen up some causing me to feel like a cold. The soreness is starting to work out and this is not such a tedious task now. I appearently get a little tougher every day, and feeling more like a true Marine reserve.

This being Friday the unlucky 1313 something was bound to happen and did. Six boys were in sick bay today, two with fever, one with water on the knee and other ailments. We have lost some already and it looks as thought the fighting 79th will be fighting for existence. Have already lost four and some of these won't be back. Come to think of it, time will soon come to get our scatter papers and this outfit will all take out in different directions.

Today we shot 75 rounds on the 22 cal range. The 22 is decidedly smaller than the Garand, and the things we are leaded and inaccurate. It is more or less to accustom us to guns and position. For me it was fun as I had a rifle nearly like it, and the ammunition was on the house.

You perhaps wondered why I didn't use your stationery that you so kindly sent. The lined paper makes for a little better penmanship because of ruled lines. You perhaps noticed the humps on the lines. You'll have to excuse the lack of facilities which perhaps is no excuse.

Hicks, a nice lad from Texas, and I were talking about the habits one acquires here. I says I will undoubtably swear like a trooper and cuss everyone I see and perhaps back it up with fists. Hicks says, "Yes, and when mother invites folks to dinner I'll probably pick up my chow and eat outside on the ground. I can truthfully say the women won't be safe when they turn the Marines loose.

Any events of interest are scarce and so, honey, I must cut off. Don't forget your general well being is important to two people now -- yourself and me and consequently should require your undivided attention. Here's a sweet kiss and a cheery goodnight.
-- Don

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