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Tuesday nite

Hi, Senorita mia:

The days roll along and we have only a day and a half more to snap in. As much as we hated it in the beginning, we now believe that a week more of practise would improve our score. I've truly tried and labored to get all the coaching as best I could for I would like to qualify, the same as a marksman. There are two honors above that namely sharpshooter and expert. I mean to aim low and if I'm lucky, I can stand the extra pay.

Have nothing to do now until we crawl into the fart sacks. (bunks to you). The blankets are tucked way in under the mattress and thus resembles a cocoon. Took my laundry off the line today, and to my surprise it was all there. The lads have an annoying habit of pilfering others clothes from the line. Now I can wear clean socks to bed to keep from knocking all the enamel from my teeth. It's tough enough to wake up lonesome, but the cold added to it all becomes disgusting.

Sorry, Genie dear, but I have swung back to your stationery to avoid any family feuds. The other lined tablet made my penmanship easier on the eyes. I have a miserable time keeping these lines straight. No harm meant, and I assure you there is no one of the fair sex that gets even a small fraction of the letters from me that you receive.

Halleleuyah! (or some such conglomeration of letters) the mess hall opens tomorrow. That elminates all dewey breakfasts and Old Pluvius cannot annoy us in the future. This morning we were designated for police detail. This consisted of sniping (butts) cleaning wash racks, galley duty, and cleaning the dining table. The boys are not in a mellow mood tonight and consequently there are no smart cracks to report. We do have no end of discomfort with these Texas boys that attempt to yodel those lonesome cowboy songs. The same produces a very doleful and unharmonious effect on the ear drums.

Forsan, the young lad I spoke of, is in probability to be surveyed out. I hate that for Joe was a damn good buddy and really tried hard to make a good Marine. I know he feels as badly as I if I were given a medical discharge and a one way ticket home. A round trip to Chi would be most acceptable, and I don't mean maybe, Gene.

I found out more about the Radar course -- or the time required to complete it. Have to review math and physics for a month at the base. Then there is a 6 month course at Logan, Utah. The last three months are spent at Corpus Christie, Texas, making ten months in all. But why do I worry when I know not about the results of the test. Maybe a person who is qualified to study for such is unpatriotic in not doing so. They can always take any man for a line company, and not everybody for this.

There is candy and cookies aplenty here now. It keeps rolling in every day and we generally divide up in a generous fashion. I prefer more your moral support than something for my belly. I'd like to keep this perfect 34 as I'm positive you would have me do. Don't spend money on such dainties for they are not too good for me, and I owe you a month's wages now for stamps and such other generosities too numerous to mention.

Would like to be there to bowl a few lines with you and then retire to spend a quiet evening at home listening to the radio inhaling a mellow mixture of gin and cola. Incidentally, they would let me have no such parcel containing any strong refreshments. Thanks a million anyway. Am saying my usual good night and with all my love and a few kisses added.

P. S. Can you get me some real thin lead for an eversharp.?

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