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Thursday P. M.

Hello Sugar:

Jupiter Pluvius again added to our misery by bringing on a heavy precipitation this early morning. We walked to the new mess hall in mud half way to the shoe tops. Had to wear our panchos to the firing line and then sat in a lecture shed fighting off sleep. The panchos are a light rubber sheet with a hole in the center for the head to slip through and do shed water. I misinformed you somewhat in reference to shooting live ammunition today. The rain prevented that and we were told we fire Saturday. The snapping in will help improve us. The coach kept us down in kneeling position for 45 minutes and none of us could stand on our foot as it was asleep. In this position we have to sit on one heel and 200# is a lot of hunky on said ankle.

Am about due for a shower although the idea of immersing the torso in cold water holds no appeal for me whatsoever. It is too cool to attempt anything of that nature. The clothes we wear are dirty from hitting the decks in sand and dust making two of a kind. I told you these reserves are anything but glamorous and that is gospel.

The boys are heading for the bay every day, dearest, and yours truly is very fortunate to avoid the same. Your suggestion of meals without aluminum has appealed to me no end. You might be in a hell of a pickle, Gene, is I called all your offers. Some of them make it hard for me to resist, but I believe you'd have no end of fun managing a house hold and me on 2750 per week. In a few years a person should be able to buy a fair home in B. P. for 1 G. Would have liked to had the one my hunting partner sold for 850. Incidentally a letter from home stated harold got a nice large coon the other night, so the dogs be functioning up to par. The red pup should really be a fur getter by the time I get home. We used to throw the possum away, but I could save them to patch your coat and make a muff. Or are muffs out? You can see how little I know of women's apparel, though I recall the coat and brown hat you wore the day we bowled were becoming to you. Funny how many little things I recall in reference to you, sweet lips.

The muscles are really stiff tonight after that workout this afternoon. Also the pants are getting a little snug again so I'm being careful at the chow line. It is so much easier to get down and one feels so much better being a little gaunt. You should see the field shoes now if you admired them before. This mud hole has made a shining impossible and they look tough. Hope they survey these fatigue clothes and give us new ones as they will be shot after another week.

The lighter is a whiz and with matches so scarce, the little Evans has certainly started a lot of cigs to smoldering. It is small and doesn't take up much space in a pocket.

I would enjoy being a mouse in the corner when you and Alice are holding a discussion concerning the Marines. Too bad Alice went off the deep end for such a fickle guy, -- Tsk! Tsk! A gal doesn't know where she stands or do you? Except for a lapse of some time, I believe you know about what the score is in reference to relations concerning Mother Mills daughter Genie and a roughneck Hunky.

Hope you liked the leatherneck and please keep it for me if you will. You may enjoy the picture with the names on the rear to refer to certain characters. This Wright guy even looks funny.

It's time to say goodnite to my honey and get this in the mail. You'll have to walk and get some condition to coon hunting when Holley gets back.

Love & Kisses

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