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Friday nite

Hi ya! Genie:

This bunk fatigue feels extra comforting tonight due to the fact that the stove is in operation. Now I'm afraid it will be too warm and we'll get colds and develop weaker ways. It was actually cold this morning on the way to the mess hall. The ground was not frozen but it felt like it when we fell on the ground. One knee has a bruise that bled some thru my pants. That baby has to last the week out or else. Tomorrow we go up on the 30 line to find true zero of our sights. They cannot set it conform at the factory thus the practise shooting. I really have to make good on that 30 line and no foolin. A Marine that doesn't qualify with their pet is a _ _ _ _ head royal.

The lads cut off half of the toilet seat at the head here. That was to serve the half-assed corporals we have among our midst. I told you, Honey, how rough and tough the leathernecks are and cussing is part of the makeup.

Took a shower tonight for the water had the chill withdrawn so yours truly (and I do mean yours and truly) proceeded to shake some of this Calif dirt. Three showers in two weeks is nothing to brag about when one has a tub and all including someone to wash one's back. here, however, they all smell alike and those mess hall beans add to that.

Today was a grind. We were on the firing lines snapping in all morning, remaining on our knees for a 25 min interval at one time. Then this P. M. the platoon has to march over to the main camp to police. Chic, Tay, and I loaded and unloaded 2 truck loads of the old mess kitchen. Then we helped the carpenters build some racks and then clean up the carpenter shop. The three of us got back just in time to fall in for chow, being dirty and tired. The shower worked a miracle in aiding to revive me.

More boxes of candy came in and I'm sucking on some hard candy now. The lads are good in sharing goodies from home. Oh yes, the truck driver was good enough to buy 3 pints of ice cream for the 3 of us this P. M. and did we enjoy that. Ate it while riding from Camp [Matthews] to our area. Only one thing I'd rather have had at the time and that would be a kiss with your arms wrapped around my neck. Laugh if you wish, but I am sincere in saying that.

Had to laugh at art's wife. Said to him that she would have to learn to knit and make some bed sox. Told him that her feet are cold sleeping alone. The men, I am beginning to believe, are nothing more more than a group of foot warmers. How about it Sox, am I correct?

Only get to read a story a night in your Colliers. Have to hide it though, for I can never see it again. The Corporal took the men who wanted to go over to P. X. at Mathews. Thanks to you and Claude I didn't have to walk the two miles or better to obtain incidentals.

Tomorrow nite I can tell you all about the recoil and all about the Garand. (as if you cared) You'd be surprized how diligently these boys have worked to get a good platoon score -- and that, Sweet, pays off in dead Japs and Democratic freedom.

The envelope you received yesterday shows Marines shooting from prone on the firing line.

Must say adieu now Genie, and include all my love, for the kisses must wait.

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