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Saturday, Nov. 21

Dear Sox,

You can't imagine how much like old times it seems to hear your name mentioned in every letter from "the Marine." It's as it should have been. I guess this explains how Mother and I both feel.

To clear up the matter about the wristwatch: After a lengthy discussion of all the members (including Jack), we decided that there is no gift that would even compare with it. Especially the luminous dial. Nothing is nicer to wake sometime in the night and see the exact time with out switching on a light. We'll have to decide on his box within the week, but I know one thing will be a moist date cake, his favorite.

You can't imagine how you inflated Bill's ego when you mentioned his taking over on the home front.

I received a letter this week from a very dear friend in C. R. informing me that her family, including 2 children, were moving to Sausilito, Calif. where her husband has accepted a position in a shipyards. I wanted to see her, so Mom and I took the day off yesterday and spent the day in C. R. (crutches and all) We found a fingertip jacket for Bill, and I hit a shoe sale. The result is that I have a pr. of antique tan loungers with scuff guards on the heel, and a pair of B. R. slippers. Shoes are my weakness, I guess (although I don't possess 10 prs. as I did when I taught.)

I think you would like Arley very much. Having traveled a great deal, he knows his way around and in addition has a great sense of humor. He had "relief work" this summer: that is, he worked for men on the Northwestern while they took their vacations. That was lineman electrician work. When that is finished Dec. 1st he may take a job in one of the shops as an electrician. However we'll probably just get settled when the Draft Board summons him. I intend to get something to do. I'd prefer something in a much larger place than B. P. You don't have anything in mind in Chicago, do you?

George was accepted (hernia and all) and is on his way to some location -- we haven't heard just yet.

As a farewell gift he seemed to like the gabardine money belt most of all. Maybe Don would like one too. Seems that money isn't safe in just the pockets.

Before I forget -- Don's birth date is January 22nd.

Don't forget to stop if you're out this way, and write when you can. (Jack's pen is a fright!)

Love, Dorothy.

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