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Sunday afternoon.

Dear Genie:

Here we lie (Joe and yours truly) in the warm California sun without shirts of any kind enjoying the life of Riley. That is only for today for as of Mon. morning the labors again require our immediate attention. We came out on the hillside overlooking the range to talk and write. Also I had a cigar I wished to enjoy and the corporal will not see me here. Joe is a chap from the home state, hailing from Ottumwa.

There are quite a few planes going over, and one in particular cut a few didos over E range at low altitude. Must have been a previous student here on rifle range to fly around so long a time.

The breeze is cooling and the sun is bright and just the thing for picking up a tan. Suppose my nose will peel again. You'd think I had been drinking for years with such a crimson probosis, but I swear I had nothing stronger than dear H2O in a long time. Did peel the sharp hair off my chin and face after dinner to make me a little more presentable. That should make little difference for I'm going nowhere and seeing no one I know.

Was just telling Joe what I should be doing were I at home. Undoubtably having an early supper and getting rifle, shells, boots, flashlights and all together for an evening hunt. Haven't received any letter from my buddy as yet informing me of his luck at bagging furs. He should have a couple or perhaps more by this time as season opened the 10th. I did not tell him, however, what I should be doing were I in Chicago this evening, for you're having supper there now. There's three hours difference between our times and I don't know where I lost it.

Gorecki, the Polak above me, was the butt of a joke yesterday. He did very well on the first day in view of the fact he had never shot a rifle heretofore. Shorty Wright was telling another platoon at chow that Greek was on target one, shot high and killed a cow over on the hills behind the range, causing the gov't added expense.

Had a little excitement last evening at the barracks. Two lads got to swinging on each other after a few varied opinions. I ran back and grabbed one and someone bear hugged the other from behind. It was soon over. the corporal came back and on the way said to some on the bunks, "Must be a little excitement back there." He merely told them to go behind the head if they had any differences to settle. He's really a peach and would I like to go over and fight under that fellow. The answer is strictly yes.

Don will surely wear some sox to bed tonight. My feet get so cold that I wake up almost chilled. Some dirty ----- stole one pair off the line. I have been lucky as that is all I have lost so far. A few lads have nearly half of their laundry in some one else's possession as there are petty thieves here as elsewhere.

The menu included chicken this noon that was very, very well done. As usual, it was my unfortunate lot to get a back. Never saw chickens that had so many backs and wings. Must be another one of Californias biggest and best developing such hybrids. The pants still fit and I intend to keep them that way. Have learned to eat and just walk away a might hungry. That happens to be the secret to stave off bay windows and Milwaukee goiters

The time for chow draws upon us and I must cease this drivel. Hope the weather isn't too bad there. Seeing your pic of the fog in Chi- reminds me of the fogs here. They get so thick we have to poke a hole in the fog to [see ?] thru. With that I close and include my love and a few long distance kisses that seem to give me no satisfaction whatsoever.
Yours, Don

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