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Monday nite

Dear Genie:

Was lucky to get one letter tonite at call, that being from my best girl friend. Enjoyed Tete's letter and hope she likes D. M. Cec must really have studied and worked to accomplish the things he has done. That would be ideal to have some dough for a rainy day.

Gene, I don't want you to spend your dough on me. Your letters have meant more to me than all the presents you could send. Maybe I am a little queer but friendship and a lot of friends mean more to me than money. Maybe that is my failing for I fail to buy presents and express the appreciation and sentiment I truly feel. You don't have to bait me with worldly goods for you do more with moral support.

Gee, honey, only four more days at E range. it's truly fun since we have started firing. Today we shot 42 rounds and I dropped 25 points from a possible 210. That is not as quite as well as I did the first day, but my sights were low on the 500 yard range. I'm out after a medal or bust my butt in the attempt.

The rifle coach is here now shooting the bunk with the lads. The handsome chap is a past master and possesses one quality I rather dislike -- that of being a lady killer, knowing it, and making an issue of the same. We took up a collection and gave it to him in appreciation of his efforts.

We have to fall out soon (8:00 P. M.) so I have to cut short. Don't forget the poem on the back. That would be mild if I but had you in my arms tonite.

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